Awaken Your Heart’s Wisdom

The heart has a profound capacity to guide us—an intuition that, if we listen, can point us toward true happiness. Let’s tap into the heart’s wisdom, together.


Be yourself. This journey is about being truthful to your peaceful, loving self—and finding your heart’s wisdom.


Explore the Heart’s Wisdom blog for guided exercises, heart insights and stories to inspire you as you cultivate your heartset.


Connect with Suyogi, an Ayurvedic practitioner, author, healer and lifelong heart enthusiast.


Use The Heart Journal and the other tools in our collection to tap into your heart’s wisdom.



Immerse yourself in The Heart Journal

The Ancient Greeks flocked to the Oracle of Delphi, hoping to get a powerful glimpse into their fortunes. The mythical Fountain of Youth, said to provide endless youth for any who drink its waters, was a prize of explorers for centuries. And today, we seek out tech tools, new diets and endless lifestyle hacks, all in search of one thing: true happiness.

The Heart Journal is your companion on the journey to a stronger heart connection. Developed by leading Ayurveda and heart expert Suyogi Gessner, this premium journal puts a more loving life at your fingertips.



[Quiz] What’s Blocking Your Heart Connection?

Have you ever been so overcome with jealousy that your entire physical and mental state changes? Or maybe sometimes you feel yourself slipping into ego, speaking about others with negativity that only ends up pulling you down as well. If any of these sound familiar, then it’s time to dissolve the blocks in your heart.



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