When was the last time you let your heart guide you?

Maybe you were struggling with a difficult decision and felt your heart give you a clear answer, straight from the soul. Or maybe you were worried and disconnected, and felt like only logic would lead you to the right decision—until you took a moment to listen to what your heart was telling you.

I call this intuition the heart’s wisdom.


Hi, I’m Suyogi. 

I’ve spent the last three decades guiding people to better health, true happiness and spirituality. I’m the Founder of Berlin-based Ashish Transformation, a health clinic where I serve hundreds of patients per year, and the Co-Founder of be&behappy, a company that brings Ayurveda’s ancient secrets to happiness seekers around the world. I’m a certified health practitioner and an Ayuveda expert.

But above all, I’m an avid learner, spiritual mentor and passionate happiness explorer.

I specialize in  Siddah Veda, an ancient healing tradition that dates back to the personal physician Jivaka of Lord Budha. After training with master healer Dr. Pankaj Naram, I  have devoted my life to spiritually and the holistic inner healing of body mind and soul.

Through The Heart’s Wisdom, I draw from my lifetime of learning to help you harness the power of the heartset—the heart connection—in transforming your life.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to see love, speak love, hear love, think love and be love. 


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