[Quiz] What’s Blocking Your Heart Connection?

Have you ever been so overcome with jealousy that your entire physical and mental state changes? Are you resistant to change, even when you know it could bring more happiness into your life? Or maybe sometimes you feel yourself slipping into ego, speaking about others with negativity that only ends up pulling you down as well.

If any of these sound familiar, then it’s time to dissolve the blocks in your heart. We’re here to help you on that journey.

Spirituality can tell us so much about living a life of purpose. Not surprising, it can also teach us about the path to happiness. In spiritual teachings, there are three root causes of unhappiness: jealousy, stubbornness and ego. By being aware of these three blocks and working through them, we can train ourselves to reconnect to our heart, our soul and the happiness that lies within. But to do so, we must first be aware of them.

We all experience jealousy, ego and stubbornness at some point in our lives. But just like every heart is unique, we are each impacted by different levels of these blocks. If you feel disconnected from your heart but aren’t quite sure why, this exercise is a powerful first step.

Find a quiet, calming place where you’re free of distractions. Close your eyes and envision what it feels like to be more connected to your heart; how it would transform your life if you could “see love, speak love, hear love, think love and be love.” Now, hold onto that feeling and that connection as you ask yourself these questions.  


  1. Am I often worried or anxious about what others think about me?
  2. Do I feel rejected and misunderstood, even in my close relationships?
  3. Is it difficult for me to trust others? Do I trust myself?
  4. Do I create emotional drama in my close relationships?
  5. Am I possessive in my friendships and/or romantic relationships?


  1. Am I adverse to change?
  2. Am I logical, rational and “only in my mind?” Do I have trouble making decisions from the heart?
  3. Does it feel difficult to be flexible in challenging situations? How about in routine situations?
  4. Do I tend to find myself in endless arguments about the same topics?
  5. Do I respond to stress with anger or defensiveness?


  1. Am I quick to dislike other people, situations and circumstances?
  2. Do I see my own faults clearly?
  3. Do I lose my patience quickly and often ignore others?
  4. Do I find myself speaking negatively about the people in my life, either with awareness or subconsciously?
  5. Do I use judgmental language more than I’d like to?

Once you’ve taken some time to answer these questions honestly from the heart, think about which of these three areas felt the most difficult to assess. Did you realize something about your tendency to let jealousy rule you? Are you letting your ego lead more often than you’d like? Keep these blocks in mind as you go throughout your day, paying close attention to situations when ego, jealousy or stubbornness appear.

Although these questions are a starting point, when you answer them honestly, they can be powerful tools for building awareness. To dive deeper in your journey to your heart’s wisdom, explore The Heart Journal and the other articles on our website—each designed to help you cultivate your heartset and unlock the power of your heart’s wisdom.